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Bile acid

DATA No : BBA0034 INFORMANT : Takashi Iida

NAME : 3b,7a-Dihydroxy-5b-cholan-24-oic Acid

COMMON NAME: Isochenodeoxycholic Acid
FORMULA: C24H40O4 MOL.WT (average) : 392.572

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MELTING POINT:204.0-206.0degC, (Me ester; mp, 156.5-158.5degC)(Ref. 0021)



OPTICAL ROTATION:[a]D: +7deg (MeOH)(Ref. 0073)



IR SPECTRA:nmax cm-1: 1715 (C=O), 1071, 1034, 1003, 982 (OH)(Ref. 0021)

NMR SPECTRA:Me ester 1H-NMR (CDCl3+10%DMSO-d6; 100MHz) d: 18-Me 0.67(s), 19-Me 0.94(s),7b-H 3.87(m), 3a-H 4.07(m)(Ref. 0005/0021)
Me ester 13C-NMR (CDCl3; 22.53MHz) d: C-1 29.8, C-2 27.7, C-3 66.7, C-4 36.6, C-5 35.9, C-6 35.5, C-7 68.5, C-8 39.3, C-9 32.0, C-10 34.2, C-11 20.8, C-12 39.6, C-13 42.6, C-14 50.4, C-15 23.6, C-16 28.0, C-17 55.7, C-18 11.7, C-19 23.1, C-20 35.3, C-21 18.2, C-22 30.9, C-23 30.9, C-24 174.5, C-25 51.4(Ref. 0006)

MASS SPECTRA:Me ester (70eV) m/z: 388(M-H2O, 100%), 373(M-H2O-CH3, 37%), 370(M-2H2O, 31%), 357(M-H2O-CH3, 13%), 355(M-2H2O-CH3, 25%), 273(M-H2O-SC, 100%), 264(M-SC-part of ring D (27), 27%), 255(M-2H2O-SC, 23%), 249(M-SC-ring D (42), 30%), 246(M-H2O-SC-27, 55%), 228(M-2H2O-SC-27, 30%), 213(M-2H2O-SC-42, 61%)(Ref. 0009/0010)
Me-TMS ether (70eV) m/z: 460(M-TMSOH, 0.2%), 370(M-2TMSOH, 100%), 355(24%), 255(21%), 73(13%)(Ref. 0007/0049)


Detected as a trace component of human feces.(Ref. 0101/0161)
Identified in urine and serum of healthy humans and patients with liver diseases.(Ref. 0150/0151/0203/0212)
Identified in gastric contents from neonates with high intestinal obstruction.(Ref. 0155)
Identified in biliary bile of patients with cystic fibrosis.(Ref. 0191)
Constituent of a urinary bile acid in late pregnancy and in recurrent cholestasis of pregnancy.(Ref. 0206)
Identified in plasma of patients with bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine.(Ref. 0256)




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