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Bile acid

DATA No : BBA0088 INFORMANT : Takashi Iida

NAME : 3a,7b,12a-Trihydroxy-5b-cholan-24-oic Acid

COMMON NAME: Ursocholic Acid
7-Epicholic Acid
FORMULA: C24H40O5 MOL.WT (average) : 408.571

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MELTING POINT:128.0-131.0degC(Ref. 0031)



OPTICAL ROTATION:[a]D: +62deg (dioxane)(Ref. 0001)



IR SPECTRA:nmax cm-1: 1704 (C=O), 3448, 1042, 1010, 957 (OH)(Ref. 0031)

NMR SPECTRA:1H-NMR (CDCl3+10%DMSO-d6+D2O; 100MHz) d: 18-Me 0.69(s), 19-Me 0.91(s), 3b- and 7a-H 3.51(brm), 12b-H 3.91(m)(Ref. 0031)
as Me ester 1H-NMR (CDCl3; 100MHz) d: 18-Me 0.71(s), 19-Me 0.93(s), 3b- and 7a-H 3.59(brm), COOMe 3.64(s), 12b-H 3.98(m)(Ref. 0005/0031)
Me ester 13C-NMR (CDCl3; 22.53MHz) d: C-1 34.2, C-2 29.1, C-3 71.0 C-4 36.9, C-5 42.6, C-6 36.6, C-7 71.0, C-8 43.5, C-9 31.2, C-10 33.9, C-11 27.7, C-12 72.2, C-13 47.5, C-14 47.2, C-15 26.1, C-16 27.4, C-17 45.7, C-18 12.6, C19 23.4, C-20 34.8, C-21 17.2, C-22 30.9, C-23 30.9, C-24 174.6, C-25 51.4(Ref. 0006)

MASS SPECTRA:Me ester (70eV) m/z: 386(M-2H2O, 15%), 371(M-2H2O-CH3, 3%), 368(M-3H2O, 11%), 353(M-3H2O-CH3, 6%), 289(M-H2O-SC, 74%), 271(M-2H2O-SC, 100%), 253(M-3H2O-SC, 91%), 226(M-3H2O-SC-part of ring D (27), 5%)(Ref. 0010)
Me-TMS ether (70eV) m/z: 623(M-CH3, 1%), 548(M-TMSOH, 3%), 458(M-2TMSOH, 14%), 368(M-3TMSOH, 17%), 433(7%), 343(26%), 253(100%), 73(35%)(Ref. 0007/0049)


Detected in the feces of human, dog, and rat, in human bile, and in the bile of the rat.(Ref. 0101/0162)
Identified in urine and serum of healthy humans and patients with liver diseases.(Ref. 0145/0150/0151/0187/0203)
Occurred in the bile of patients with gallstones.(Ref. 0172)
Identified in urine of a patients treated with chenodeoxycholate, ursodeoxycholate or rifampicin and those with cirrhosis.(Ref. 0193)
Excreted in urine of healthy premature and full-term infants.(Ref. 0202)
Identified in urine of infants during the first year.(Ref. 0210)




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