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DATA No : IIP0055 INFORMANT : Yoshichika Yoshioka

NAME : [6Z,10Z,14Z,18Z,22Z,26Z,30Z,34Z,38Z,42Z,46Z,50Z,54Z,58Z,62E,66E]-3,7,11,15,19,23,27,31,35,39,43,47,51,55,59,63,67,71-Octadecamethyl-6,10,14,18,22,26,30,34,38,42,46,50,54,58,62,66,70-doheptacontaheptadecaen-1-ol

COMMON NAME: Dolichol-18, a-Dihydrooctadecaprenol
SYMBOL: Dol-18
FORMULA: C90H148O MOL.WT (average) : 1246.138

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The biological role of dolichol (review)(Ref. 0043). Content of dolichol and activity of GlcNAc-1-P (UDP-N-acetylglucosamine:dolichyl phosphate N-acetylglucosamine 1-phosphate transferase) in fibroblasts from patients with carbohydrate- deficient- glycoprotein (CDG) syndrome were analyzed. The major defect of CDG syndrome is not found in the synthesys of dolichyl phosphate or GlcNAc-PP-Dol(Ref. 0061). Extraction of microsomes with n-heptane and subsequent reincorporation of dolichol were done in order to investigate the influence of dolichol on microsomal membrane functions. Dolichol affected microsomal membrane fluidity, but did not modify the activities of certain microsome membrane enzymes(Ref. 0062). Dolichol was covalently bound to cellular proteins with size of 5, 10, 27, 75, and >140 kDa(Ref. 0063). Dolichyl, dihydroheptaprenyl, and dihydrodecaprenyl phosphates induced apoptosis in U937 cells, while farnesyl phosphate, geranylgeranyl phosphate, dolichol, dolichal, and dlichoic acid did not induce apoptosis. Apoptosis induced by dihydroprenyl phosphate was mediated by caspase-3-like activation but not by caspase-1-like activation(Ref. 0065).







NMR SPECTRA:The arrangement of isoprene units in pig liver dolichol was determined by 1H- and 13C-NMR spectroscopy. 1H-NMR at 200MHz, 13C-NMR at 50.1MHz (with spectra)(Ref. 0045).


HPLC (with chromatograph)(Ref. 0046/0047/0048/0049/0050/0051). Separation of dolichol from dehydrodolichol by a simple two-plate thin-layer chromatography(Ref. 0052). Sequential microanalyses of free dolichol, dolichyl fatty acid ester and dolichyl phosphate in human serum were made fluorometrically by HPLC. The calibration curve of dolichol standard against the internal standard showed linearity at dolichol concentrations of 10ng to 500ng(Ref. 0053).
Human tissues (testes, adrenal ,liver, thyroid, pancreas, prostate, heart, kidney, spleen, lung)(Ref. 0054). Mouse testes(Ref. 0046). Rat and human tissues (heart, kidney, liver, lung, intestine, testis, brain, spleen, pituitary)(Ref. 0048). Distribution in rat liver subcellular organelles (outer mitochondrial and Golgi membranes, lysosomes and plasmamembranes contain considerable amount)(Ref. 0048). Contents in human tissues (adrenal, aorta, brain, colon, fatty tissue, heart, kidney, liver, lung, muscle, ovary, pancreas, pituitary gland, placenta, prostate, small intestine, spleen, testis, tyroid grand, uterus, and stomach)(Ref. 0055). Rat and human tissues (spleen, liver, kidney, myocardium, lung, pancreas, adrenal)(Ref. 0051). Levels of dolichol in neonatal and adult human tissues (thyroid, testis, liver, heart, kidney, lung, spleen)(Ref. 0056). Content in human serum(Ref. 0053).
The effects of dietary proteins on the accumulation of dolichol in kidney, spleen, brain, and heart were studied. There were increases in dolichol contents in rat tissues with age. The contents of kidney and spleen were influenced by the diet(Ref. 0057). Dolichol content in different regions of the rat brain (cerebral cortex, striatum, hippocampus, cerebellum, and brain stem) were analyzed from birth to the age of 2 years. The level of dolichol increased almost 100-fold during the first 10 months of life and continued to increase thereafter(Ref. 0058). Content of dolichol and retinol in isolated rat non-parenchymal liver cells(Ref. 0106). Distribution of radiolabeled dolichol in rat liver fractions (nuclei, debris, mitochondria, lysosomes, microsomes, Golgi, cytosol)(Ref. 0060).

Incorporation of tritium from tritiated water into dolichol in the kidneys and liver of mice as a function of age(Ref. 0066). Age-associated changes in dolichol metabolism in the kidneys and liver of mice(Ref. 0066). Elevated dolichol synthesis in mouse testes during spermatogenesis(Ref. 0046). Synthesis in liver of normal and mutant mice(Ref. 0046). Presence of abnormal amounts of dolichols in the urinary sediment of Batten disease (neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis) patients(Ref. 0047). Rat liver hyperplastic nodules(Ref. 0048). Human liver cirrosis and hepatocarcinoma(Ref. 0048). Brain dolichols in neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis, epilepsy, Tay-Sachs desease, Juvenile Huntington disease, Alzheimer's disease, Pick disease, Astrocytoma(grade III-IV)(Ref. 0049). Content of cerebral cortex during aging (human & rat)(Ref. 0049). Composition of isolated pronase-treated cytosome fractions from neuronal ceroid-lipofuscinosis patients(Ref. 0049). The dolichol content of hyperplastic nodules in rat liver was four times that of normal. In developed hepatocarcinoma, the amount of dolichol was doubled(Ref. 0050). Effect of age on the content in brain, liver, spleen, kidney, and testis of the rat(Ref. 0067).
Absorption and distribution of dolichol intubated into rats(Ref. 0091). Content in cerebral cortex of ceroid-lipofuscinosis(Ref. 0068). Age-related chnges of dolichyl phosphate content in rat and human tissues (Ref. 0051). Biosynthesis of dolichol from mevalonic acid was measured in non-malignant and malignant cultured human lymphocytes, freshly isolated human mononuclear leucocytes and in cultured human hepatoma cells(Ref. 0069). Formation of dolichol from dehydrodolichol is catalyzed by NADPH-dependent reductase localized in microsomes of rat liver. Dolichol was syntesized from isopentenyl diphosphate and Z,E,E-geranylgeranyl diphosphate. Neither dolichyl diphosphate nor dolichyl phosphate was detected(Ref. 0092). Farnesyl diphosphate is the common intermediate at the branch point for the synthesis of geranylgeranylated proteins as well as cholesterol, ubiquinone, dolichol, and farnesylated proteins(Ref. 0070). Dolichol contents of various organs of mice used as a model for Niemann-Pick's type C disease . Contents in subfractions isolated from the liver of mice used as a model for NPC (mitocondria, lysosomes, microsomes)(Ref. 0071).

The effects of TSH on dolichol-linked sugar pools and oligosaccharyltransferase activity in thyroid cells were investigated. TSH slightly increased the amount of dolichol and acitivated the oligosaccharyltransferase(Ref. 0072). Dehydrodolichol is a common branch point intermediate in the biosynthetic pathways leading to dolichal and dolichol(Ref. 0073). Metabolism of dolichol, dolichoic acid, and nordolichoic acid in MDCK and HepG2 cells were investigated. Dolichoic acid was broken down by alpha-oxidation and also converted to a mixture of polar compounds. No oxidative breakdown of dolichol was found(Ref. 0074). The potential for feedback inhibition by isoprene intermediates in the isoprene biosynthetic pathway was investigated. The relative inhibitory capasity were as follows: GG-PP > F-PP > G-PP > FOH > dol-P. GOH and dolichol were not inhibitors(Ref. 0039). Age-dependent changes in hepatic dolichol content in rats fed either ad libitum, or subjected to restriction of daily food intake or every-other-day feeding ad libitum (antiaging dietary restriction). Both types of antiaging dietary restriction fully prevented the age-associated accumulation of dolichol in the liver and had a much smaller preventive effect in the kidney(Ref. 0075/0076).
The effects of alcohol and glucagon on the biliary excretion of dolichols in rats were investigated. Chronic ethanol treatment decreased both biliary dolichol and beta-hexosaminidase excretion. The absolute amount of dolichol excreted into the bile correlated highly significantly with the absolute amount of biliary beta-hexosaminidase. Biliary dolichols are derived from hepatic lysosomes(Ref. 0077). Modifications in the concentration and distribution of rat liver microsomal dolichol and dolichyl phosphate after acute ethanol adiministration (6 g/kg body weight) were investigated. Between 3 and 24 hr after ethanol administration, the microsomal dolichyl phosphate concentration was significantly lower than in control rats. An earlier and more marked reduction of total dolichol was observed in the Golgi apparatus(Ref. 0059). Pro-oxidant agents lead to a significant decrease of both free dolichol and dolichyl phosphate in isolated rat hepatocytes(Ref. 0059). Distribution of radiolabeled dolichol in rat liver fractions(Ref. 0060).
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