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Vitamin D

DATA No : VVD0258 INFORMANT : Sachiko Yamada

NAME : (5Z,7E)-(1S,3R)-9,10-seco-5,7,10(19)-cholestatriene-1,3-diol

COMMON NAME: 1a-hydroxyvitamin D3 / 1a-hydroxycholecalciferol
FORMULA: C27H44O2 MOL.WT (average) : 400.637

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Intestinal calcium transport and bone mineral mobilization response to 1a-OH-D3 and 25-OH-D3 in anephric rats. : Table(Ref. 0168)
Intestinal calcium transport and bone calcium mobilization response of rats to 1a-OH-D3. Results are means of six rats ; S.E., standard error. : Table (Ref. 0172)
HL-60 human promyelocytes differentiation : ED50 in nitro blue tetrazplium reduction, phagocytic activity, and nonspecific acid esterase activity are 9.3 times 10-7 M, 1.0 times 10-6 M and 1.0 times 10-6 M, respectively, when 1,25-(OH)2D3 shows the respective ED50 values of 1.0 times 10-8 M, 1.0 times 10-8 M and 1.1 times 10-8 M, respectively. (Ref. 0228)
Treatment of psoriasis : A case of psoriasis with senile osteoporosis is reported in which skin lesions were cured two and half months after the start of administration of 0.75 mg/day of 1a-OHD3. (Ref. 0248)
MELTING POINT:134-136 degC (Ref. 0167)



OPTICAL ROTATION:[a]d-25 +28.0 deg (c = 0.6 in Et2O) (Ref. 0167)


UV SPECTRA:(Et2O) lmax (nm) (emax) 264-265 (18000) (Ref. 0167)

IR SPECTRA:(CHCl3) 895m, 912m, 952m, 1040s, 1645m, 3450m, 3600s cm-1 (Ref. 0167)

NMR SPECTRA:1H-NMR (d, CDCl3) 3.58 (1H, d, J = 12 Hz, 6- or 7-H), 3.99 (1H, d, J = 12 Hz, 6- or 7-H), 4.66 (1H, m, 19-H), 4.99 (1H, m, 19-H), 5.45-6.05 (2H, m, >CH-O), 9.12 (9H, d, J = 6 Hz, MeCH<), 9.45 (3H, s, 18-H) (Ref. 0167)

MASS SPECTRA:m/z 382 (5.2%), 364 (16.2%), 149 (26.0%), 134 (6.1%), 128 (30.4%), 121 (67.5%), 119 (32.0%), 95 (49.4%), 83 (50.5%), 81 (59%), 71 (58.5%), 69 (76.3%), 57 (100%) (Ref. 0167)



From cholesterol. (Ref. 0035)
From 1,4,6-cholestatrien-3-one via its regio- and stereoselective epoxidation followed by deconjugative reduction to yield 1a-hydroxycholesterol as the key step. (Ref. 0166)
Total synthesis from 9a-chloro-des-AB-cholestan-8-one and optically active A-ring synthon having C(6)-C(7) linker part as ethyl group. (Ref. 0167)
From 1,4-cholestadien-3-one via steps of deconjugation followed by reduction, hydroboration, bromination, dehydrobromination, and photochemical and thermal isomerizations. (Ref. 0168)
Synthesis of 1a-hydroxyprovitamin D3 from 1,4,6-cholestatrien-3-one via steps of deconjugation followed by reduction, protection of 5,7-diene, epoxidation, and reduction. (Ref. 0169/0170)
From vitamin D3 via SeO2 oxidation of 3,5-cyclo-vitamin D derivative. (Ref. 0171)



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