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Vitamin D

DATA No : VVD0285 INFORMANT : Sachiko Yamada

NAME : (5Z,7E)-(1S,3R)-9,10-seco-5,7,10(19)-cholestatriene-1,3,25-triol

COMMON NAME: 1a,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 / 1a,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol / calcitriol
SYMBOL: 1a,25-(OH)2D3
FORMULA: C27H44O3 MOL.WT (average) : 416.636

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Mechanism of action of 1,25-(OH)2D3: (Ref. 0027/0028)
Clinical use: (Ref. 0058/0059)
Cell differentiation: Table (Ref. 0060)
Relative effects of 1a,25-(OH)2D3 and its A-ring diastereomers on components of the vitamin D endocrine system:Table (Ref. 0183)
Dissociation constant (Kd) for vitamin D receptor (VDR): 8.2 pm10 -11 (Ref. 0235); Kd, Mammalian VDR: 10-11 - 10-10M : (Ref. 0184)<
MELTING POINT:106-112 degC (Ref. 0024)



OPTICAL ROTATION:[a]D +29 deg (in Et2O) (Ref. 0024)


UV SPECTRA:(Et2O) lmax (nm) (e) 264 (18000), lmin (nm) (e) 228.5 (10100) (Ref. 0024)


NMR SPECTRA:1H-NMR (d, CDCl3, 500MHz) 0.54 (3H, s, 18-CH3), 0.94 (3H, d, J = 6.2 Hz, 21-CH3), 1.20 (6H, s, 26-, 27-CH3), 2.32 (1H, dd, J = 13.6 and 6.7 Hz, 4b-H), 2.59 (1H, dd, J = 13.5 and 3.4 Hz, 4a-H), 2.83 (1H, dd, J = 11.8 and 3.7 Hz, 9b-H), 4.23 (1H, tt, J = 6.5 and 3.5 Hz, 3a-H), 4.43 (1H, dd, J = 7.5 and 4.0 Hz, 1b-H), 5.00 (1H, br s, 19-H), 5.33 (1H, br t, J = 1.4 Hz, 19-H), 6.02 (1H, d, J = 11.3 Hz, 7-H), 6.38 (1H, d, J = 11.3 Hz, 6-H) (Ref. 0025)
13C-NMR (d, CD3OD-CFCl3, 67.5MHz) spectrum (Ref. 0025)

MASS SPECTRA:m/z 416 (M+), 287, 269, 251, 152, 134 (Ref. 0026)

OTHER SPECTRA:X-ray crystal structure: (Ref. 0186)

Isolation and identification: from chicken intestine (Ref. 0026/0027); from chick kidney homogenates incubated with 25-OHD3. (Ref. 0028); from plants such as Solanum malacoxylon. (Ref. 0063)
Concentration in human plasma: 20-65 pg/ml (Ref. 0029)

From 25-hydroxycholesterol: Dehydration, epoxidation, and reductive deconjugation of the resulting 1,2-epoxy-4,6-dien-3-one gave the key intermediate, 1a,25-dihydroxycholesterol, which was converted to 1a,25-(OH)2D3 by standard procedures of dehydration to the provitamin D, uv irradiation, and thermal isomerization. (Ref. 0024)
From 6-methoxy-3,5-cyclo-24-homocholanic acid via 1a,3b,25-triacetoxy cholestan-6-one as a key intermediate. (Ref. 0035)
From 25-OHD3 via 3,5-cyclovitamin D derivative by SeO2 oxidation as a key step. (Ref. 0062)
Total chiral synthesis from d-carvone as an A-ring precursor and tetrahydroindan-5-one derivative as a CD-ring precursor. (Ref. 0357)
Biosynthesis: Hydroxylation of 25-OHD3 by 1a-hydroxylase, a cytochrome P450 (CYP24B1) (Ref. 0030/0031) located in the kidney (Ref. 0017/0018/0022) .
Further metabolism (catabolism), 24-Hydroxylation pathway: 24-Hydroxylation by vitamin D-24-hydroxylase (CTP24) (Ref. 0031/0033) to give 1,24R,25-(OH)3D3 (Ref. 0065/0034/0066) which is further oxidized by the same enzyme to 1-OH-tetranor-D3 23-carboxylic acid (calcitroic acid) (Ref. 0070/0073) via 1,25-(OH)2-24-oxo-D3 (Ref. 0068/0067) , 1,23,25-(OH)3D3-24-oxo-D3 (Ref. 0067) and 1,23-(OH)2-tetranor-D3 (Ref. 0069) . 23-Hydroxylation pathway: 1,25-(OH)2D3 is also metabolized to 1,25R-(OH)2D3 26,23S-lactone (Ref. 0077) via 1,23S,25-(OH)3D3 (Ref. 0076) , 1,23,25,26-(OH)4D3 (Ref. 0084) , and 1,25R-(OH)2D3 26,23S-lactol (Ref. 0084). 26-Hydroxylation pathway: Kidney homogenates from vitamin D-supplemented chicks convert 1,25-(OH)2D3 to 1,25.26-(OH)3D3. (Ref. 0087)
Vitamin D receptor (VDR), Avian receptor: (Ref. 0037/0038/0039) ; Human receptor: (Ref. 0040) ; Rat receptor: (Ref. 0041/0042); Mouse receptor : (Ref. 0043) .
VDR knock out mice: (Ref. 0057) .
Dissociation constant (Kd, Mammalian) : 10-11 - 10-10M: (Ref. 0184)
Relationship between vitamin D receptor alleles and born density: (Ref. 0185)
Vitamin D responsive elements (VDRE) sequences
1) Calcium binding protein (CaBP) 9K : GGGTGT CGG AAGCCC (Ref. 0044)
2) Rat osteocalcin : GGGTGA ATG AGGACA (Ref. 0045)
3) Human osteocalcin : GGGTGA ACG GGGGCA (Ref. 0046/0047)
4) Mouse osteopontin : GGTTCA CGA GGTTCA (Ref. 0048)
5) Rat 24-hydroxylase,distal : GGTTCA GCG GGTGCG (Ref. 0049)
6) Human 24-hydroxylase,distal : AGTTCA CCG GGTGTG (Ref. 0050)
7) Rat 24-hydroxylase,proximal : GAGTCA GCG AGGTGA GTG AGGGCG (Ref. 0051)
8) Human 24-hydroxylase,proximal : GAGTCA GCG AGGTGA GCG AGGGCG (Ref. 0050)
9) Human PTH : GGTTCA AAG CAGACA (Ref. 0052)
10) Mouse calbindin D28K : AGGTGA TGA AAGTCA (Ref. 0053)
11) Chicken carbonic anhydrase-II : GGGGGA AAA AGTCCA (Ref. 0054)
12) Human calbindin D9K : TGCCCTTCCTTATGGGGTTCA (Ref. 0055)
13) Mouse calbindin D28K : CTGGGGGATGTGAGGAGAAATGAGTCTGAGC (Ref. 0056)

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